With releases on such labels as Nora En Pure’s Purified, Initial Eyes has been working to establish himself in the house & techno world. Hypnotic melodies and basslines made for the dance floor combine with lush chords and soundscapes to take the listener on a journey.

The project was launched at the beginning of 2020 upon which he released a flurry of tracks on his own imprint, Electric Impulse Recordings. He has become ingrained in the local scene amongst the collectives and other artists and DJs, performing such places as Jungle Room, the Nautical Nonsense boat party, Slowdive, and many other underground gatherings.

His latest release ‘Dreamcatcher’ dropped on January 13th, with many irons in the fire to ring in throughout 2023 and beyond.

“Initial Eyes has had an exceptional few releases over the past few months and has proven that his conceptional, soundscape style of Progressive House is something to pay attention to as he is rapidly gaining praise from industry heads to fans alike.”  – Akshay Bhanawat